Kind Words

Fort Collins Therapy for Adults

"Yesim’s invaluable guidance has been a source of peace and grounding during the most challenging year of my life. Her gentle presence, kindness, compassion, and authenticity has provided a safe space for me to process many painful issues. Yesim consistently offers useful insight and beneficial feedback. I have experienced growth and relief from her skilled EMDR facilitation. Throughout my work with Yesim, I have made significant progress in my journey of healing and self growth following the death of a loved one. I have so much gratitude for and highly recommend Yesim’s counseling services!"

"I first saw Yesim after I had experienced a traumatic and complicated loss. I was struggling to take care of myself, or even get out of bed. Yesim helped me develop healthy self-care habits, productive coping mechanisms, and taught me therapeutic tools that I still use today. Several years after I stopped seeing Yesim for grief, I again found myself needing her professional help, this time to help me heal after having been in an abusive relationship. It was so comforting having her attentive and empathetic ears at my side in yet another time of trial. After working with Yesim for several very tough personal years, I feel so hopeful for my future. I am thankful for her passionate and trustworthy insight."

“I began seeing Yesim after losing my husband of 46 years to pancreatic cancer. My grief was severe, painful and overwhelming, but my first meeting with Yesim gave me hope. The office atmosphere was soothing and welcoming, and I found Yesim to be extremely kind, caring and professional. After Yesim’s explanation and careful guidance, I decided to pursue EMDR. The treatment was intense at times but exactly what I needed to begin healing. Yesim was sensitive and empathetic and gently helped me work through some very difficult and traumatic emotions. I’m very grateful to Yesim for giving me hope and the tools I need to continue healing. I highly encourage you to contact Yesim. She has my deepest respect and my highest recommendation.”